Custom Farmhouse Outdoor Table in the Berkshires

Custom Farmhouse Outdoor Table in the Berkshires

This outdoor reclaimed oak table and bench set is made from barn board that is over 150 years old. The wood is no stranger to outdoor use as it has been exposed to the elements for a long time. The table also has 2 24″ extensions, so it is 12′ long when fully extended.

The finish on outdoor furniture like is very important. We sprayed the table with a 2K acrylic polyurethane meant for outdoor use. It is more flexible than a traditional lacquer or urethane finish which keeps it from cracking while the wood expands and contracts in the humidity fluctuations of New England.

Some woods are better suited for outdoor use because they weather and create a natural seal to protect themselves. These woods are teak, mahogany, iroko, ipe, and cedar to name a few. On this reclaimed oak outdoor table, to protect the finish, we delivered a custom built cover to protect the wood from direct sunlight. Over decades the wood will weather and grey, but the spray finish and cover will give it a fighting chance.

The set has found its home on a beautiful piece of land in Lee, Massachusetts. On the property is a pond and an old horse barn. The rustic farmhouse look of the table makes it seem like its always belonged. We dropped it off,  took a step back , and it was remarkable how well it was complemented by the landscape. It will enjoy many family functions and barbecues to come.

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