Custom Dining Table, Coffee Table, and Kitchen Island in Chatham

Custom Dining Table, Coffee Table, and Kitchen Island in Chatham

We love repeat clients, but it’s not everyday that we get to work on three substantial pieces for a single home at the same time. This was that rare, lucky case. Our clients on this project needed a custom dining table, coffee table, and a new top for the kitchen island of their Chatham, MA home, and we were excited to get down to work. 

A huge part of the custom furniture advantage is the ability to design the functionality of a piece, not just the  aesthetics. Of course, when you buy a custom table from us, the way a table looks is an important part of the design process, and often the starting point. We intend for our tables to be around for the rest of your life, so it’s only appropriate that you love the way yours looks. That said, if the furniture doesn’t work right in the room, it will never matter how beautiful it is – a gorgeous table that you have to squeeze past, or that you always bump your knees into, or stub your toes on will immediately become a source of aggravation.

Our clients had a dining table when they came to us, but it was too large for the room and made passage difficult. We worked with them to design a custom piece that fit properly in the room and allowed chairs to tuck in comfortably when they weren’t in use. A racetrack shape creates more space to walk past at either end, and the width was chosen to create plenty of tabletop for meals and serving without taking up too much of the room. The gorgeous walnut bookmatched top lends the piece a subtle beauty that complements the decor around it.

Our clients’ kitchen is plenty large, but there was unused space beyond the island that just never seemed to get used. It was the perfect spot to sit and eat breakfast, but a table simply wouldn’t have made sense in the space. With that in mind, we extended the island top by three feet, to a full twelve, to create space for three seats to complement the four that already ran along one side. Beautiful, ribbon-stripe sipo lumber comprises the top, and we built the turned legs and apron from maple painted white to match the existing island cabinet.

Adding on to existing furniture is always a careful process that requires serious planning, so we made two site visits to measure the existing cabinet, plan out how our new components would interact with it, and to discuss the various options with our clients. Site visits take many different forms, and in this case we spent most of our time deciding how our components would work with the existing elements. It’s difficult to imagine something like this coming together without the specific experience and expertise that we bring to our custom furniture work.


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