Walnut in your home

Walnut in your home

If you’re looking for a new custom dining table or showpiece furniture, walnut is one of the best wood options available. Similar to reclaimed oak, walnut can be made as classic or as modern as you’d like, meaning you can use walnut in a rustic farmhouse style living room or in a modern city condo. Here are some top reasons why you should consider walnut as the wood to use in your next project:

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1. Walnut’s Color Palate

Unlike pine or other light-yellowy soft domestic woods, walnut is a dark wood with a tight grain pattern. It can range in color from light brown to deep brown, almost chocolate color. If you’re looking for a darker piece of furniture to put in your home, you often will not need to stain walnut to get the ideal hue. Photographs of stained furniture can look very nice, but up close the difference is obvious. There is nothing wrong with stain, but it gives you a more uniform color, which is unnatural to wood as a building material. Every wood type, meaning every tree, has a beautiful and unique color palate, so accentuate it with oil finishes and not hide it with stains. Check out some of our walnut projects to get a better idea of what colors we have available. Walnut can be oiled darker and it looks great.

2. Walnut Is Durable

Walnut is a durable wood, meaning it’s a great option for building. Even if you’ll be using a table daily, walnut is very strong and will stand up against the wear and tear of daily life so long as you take care of it properly. Any table will take on wear over time, but unlike softer woods, walnut will not dent or scratch unless something out of the ordinary happens. Walnut is a moderately dense wood, which means that it’ll be heavy but not so dense that you wouldn’t be able to move it or add extension boards easily. Walnut’s durability is one of the reasons why it’s remained one of the most popular furniture options for furniture makers and homeowners.


3. There’s A Walnut Style For Everyone

Farmhouse-style furniture is one of the most popular aesthetics in the US today. Farmhouse style is an homage to America’s rustic roots–think large boards, warm wood, and a rustic feel. With walnut, you can create a great farmhouse tabletop with a thick walnut slab. On the other hand, walnut also is a great option for modern houses. You can use a thin walnut top with metal legs or a thinner live-edge walnut table to create a contemporary feel in your living room. The combination of the base/leg choice and the thickness of the top really dictate whether the piece will look classic or contemporary. If you’re looking for a simple showpiece that’s not really rustic or modern, a trestle or square legs are options that fits in almost any home. 

4. Walnut Is Versatile

One of our favorite reasons for choosing walnut is how the wood’s color fits into almost every house. Walnut blends into both dark and light spaces, accenting almost every other wood type nicely. This is great for nearly any homeowner–if you decide to redecorate, refinish your hardwood flooring, or add new wood furniture to your home, walnut will always blend in nicely and never seems out of place. If you’re investing in a table that will last a lifetime, you’ll want to know the wood option you pick will look good in your home. 


5. Walnut Has Great Live Edge Options

Live-edge tables are great fits for people who want a more modern look. Walnut live edge tables are gorgeous. You can have a live-edge walnut dining table, desk, coffee table–really whatever your heart desires. Walnut slabs aren’t always as wide as you’d ideally want for a dining table, so we can “bookmatch” the walnut slabs to create a large surface while still having a live edge on the outsides of the table. Even smaller pieces, like a shelf on your wall, can look great with live edge walnut.


See Walnut Options Today!

Walnut is an ideal option for someone who wants a table that will still look good in 50 years, regardless of how trends change. There’s a reason why walnut is one of our most popular wood varieties! To learn more about how walnut can fit into your home or to make an appointment to visit our Seaport showroom, give Cannon Hill Woodworking a call today at 857-576-2089 or email us at info@cannonhillwood.com. Whether you want a table for a mountain cabin or a desk in an apartment, walnut is a wonderful option for your home’s aesthetic.