How much does a custom table cost?

How much does a custom table cost?

Here’s a quick answer to that question: it depends. Unsatisfying, I know. Almost evasive. Here’s the reality, though: our pricing is every bit as custom as our furniture. Cannon Hill carries no inventory, and maintains no catalog. When we we say we make custom furniture, we mean that we make truly bespoke pieces. Everything that goes out our door has been specifically conceived, designed, and built for the client who ordered it and the space in which it will live.

We’ve built $1,000 tables and $30,000 tables. More practically speaking, our custom wood dining tables generally cost about $1,000 per lineal foot; that is, a seven-foot table costs $7,000 and a 10-foot table $10,000. That’s a gross oversimplification, and there are a thousand cases to which it doesn’t apply, but it offers a rough sense.

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What drives the cost of a custom table

The essential costs are material, labor, and overhead. Our overhead, you can’t do much about. Our workshop costs what it costs to operate, and our van consumes the gas it consumes. On the other hand, the materials in your project and the amount of labor it takes to bring it from rough lumber to finished table can be tweaked in ways that bring the total price up or down. 

Different materials and their costs

Slabs are (generally) more expensive than milled boards, and larger slabs are more expensive than smaller ones. Wider slabs come from larger trees and there are, quite simply, fewer large than small trees; it’s a simple question of supply that slabs become more expensive – because they’re more rare – as they get wider. Choosing a slab, particularly a wide one, will virtually always push price upwards.


How to reduce costs in your custom furniture

We base our prices on an uncomplicated calculus: material costs + (estimated building hours x operating costs/hour). It’s no secret. How much does it cost to get the materials in-house, do the job, and pay skilled craftsmen what they deserve. Simple, really. Those “estimated building time” inputs are based on historically tracked data from similar projects, with some builder’s intuition sprinkled in. Building time – i.e. labor – will always drive costs most of all, so while we can certainly help you find a more cost-conscious material, subtly tweaking design will have a much greater effect in final cost. We’ve done this a long while, and we know how to achieve similar visual effects in less time.

Get started on your custom table

We make the sort of custom furniture we do because we believe it should exist in the world. We’d much rather work with you to find a design and a build plan in the Cannon Hill ethic than see another piece of disposable furniture out there. If you’re of the same mindset, or simply can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere, get in touch. Fill out the contact form, call 857-576-2089, or email We hope we’ll hear from you soon.