Custom Wood Furniture, An Introduction

Custom Wood Furniture, An Introduction

Custom wood furniture is, quite simply, furniture designed and made to order. Here at Cannon Hill, we mostly make custom wood tables that we create in collaboration with homeowners and interior designers to fit the look, feel, and style of their spaces. Unlike buying from a commercial retailer, where customers are limited to the options in a catalogue, the only limits on custom furniture are the ones imposed by imagination and the practical realities of building with wood.

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  • Who Makes Custom Wood Furniture? 

Our team is made up of dedicated craftsmen who have taken the time and care to excel at their work. Most of our crew have experience in home building, and we’re all hobbyist woodworkers as well as professionals. Several of us have formal education in furnituremaking and some of us learned on the job. One thing we all have in common is a commitment to creating the highest-quality custom wood furniture we possibly can. We’re fortunate to do our work in an environment that makes that commitment achievable.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Make Custom Wood Furniture?

It’s difficult to set a dollar amount on “custom wood furniture” because that phrase encompasses so many different types of pieces. We’ve made small side tables, benches, and even stools, and we’ve made large, complex hutches, finely detailed dining tables, and fifteen-foot conference tables. As you might expect, the price range represented there is vast. Size, design, materials, and other factors all affect pricing, and we always work with clients and potential clients to help a project hit their budget. With that said, the “sweet spot” for a Cannon Hill dining table is probably $5,000-$9,000. To get a sense for your project, just get in touch with us, and we’ll let you know.

Our prices are higher than the commercial retailers because, quite frankly, our tables are better. We use better materials, build using more responsible techniques, and make every component by hand here in our Boston workshop. Unlike manufactures who batch-cut composite parts for assembly and ship in tables from overseas, our custom tables are made with care by expert woodworkers here at home. That means more labor costs and higher prices. Unlike their furniture, though, ours is made to last several lifetimes. We love repeat customers, but we don’t expect them to ever need a new dining table again once we’ve made one for them


  • What Is The Process of Making Custom Wood Furniture?

When we set out to make custom wood furniture for a client, we start with a design process that takes all the relevant factors into account. We help them decide how big a table, for example, should be, what it’ll be made from, and how it should look. This process involves images of other tables, computer renderings, and samples of materials and finishes.

Once we’ve got a design locked in, we’ll get started on the build, selecting the highest quality wood available, milling and cutting it to size, and sanding it smooth. Once the piece is built, it has to pass our rigorous quality control inspections. Then we apply the finish and deliver it to their home.

  • Start Creating Your Custom Furniture Piece 

If you have an idea for your own piece of custom wood furniture, fill out our contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling. The process is fun and exciting, and we’re always here to answer your questions and guide you through every step.