Can you replicate a table I've seen elsewhere?

Can you replicate a table I've seen elsewhere?

In short, yes. While there are certain limitations to what we can do, as a simple reality of the tools available to us and the realities of building bespoke furniture by hand, we can definitely recreate a table you’ve seen elsewhere. If you have a photo of tables you love that you’ve seen on our website or elsewhere, those inspiration images can be a great way to kickstart the design process, or to give us the design of a table wholesale.

An obvious question arises here: why go to the effort of having a custom table made when that table already exists elsewhere? Well, for one, you may not be able to find the table actually for sale anywhere. Or you may say “I want exactly this table, but they only make it in oak, and I want walnut.” A great opportunity for custom furniture, and an easy change for a company like ours to make. Third, you may have very specific size requirements that the commercial retailers can’t or won’t accommodate; again a great opportunity for custom.

Perhaps, though, it’s as simple as a question of quality. We’re confident that pretty much always we’ll build you a better table than you can find from anyone else. We use top-quality materials hand-selected for each project, the absolute best construction techniques, and we pride ourselves on the level of care that goes into the handmaking of every single component.

We build everything from scratch right here in our Boston workshop, and everything we do, from the earliest planning stages to the final application of finish to our white-glove delivery, receives the same standards of exacting care. Our quality control standards are self-consciously stringent because we’re committed to building the best custom furniture we possibly can; we’re not interested in cutting corners, even when nobody would ever know. We’d know.

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We fully intend for everything we make to last for generations, so we only build from solid hardwoods that can be resanded and refinished pretty much forever, and we only use construction methods that have been proven over the long course of time. So the table we make and the one you bring to us in a catalogue may look the same, but we have every confidence ours will be superior. Look into the process, poke around in the details, and we think you’ll agree.