Custom Walnut Dining Table in Westford

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Westford

One of the real joys of making custom furniture by hand is that we get to work in a huge range of design styles. Unlike other workshops, we don’t work from a catalogue or a menu, so we get the chance to build all sorts of pieces. It all depends on our clients’ taste and the aesthetics of their space. In the design phase, we serve a client’s vision; we will never allow lesser furniture out our door, so we don’t permit nonfunctional design — beyond that, though, we follow your lead.

We obviously provide input on things like proportionality and best practices — lessons hard-won over years of studying and making furniture — but the piece lives in your home, not ours. It needs to hit your eye right, and it needs to be the sort of thing you’ll savor for years, decades, more.


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When clients begin with design inspiration images, it’s a great opportunity for us to help them identify the particular elements that attract them to different styles of furniture, and to bring them together. It’s a process that begins with a sort of mix-and-match, sometimes, but it always drives towards refinement and a unity. When we make a custom wood table – which is every day – we’re distinctly aware that our goal is to create something our clients can’t get anywhere else.

Split dining tables like this one have been bubbling up for some time now, and it’s easy to see why. The two halves of the table sit apart, clearly of a piece but almost like magnets repelling. There’s a sort of elegance to them that derives from the casual insistence that it’s perfectly normal, really, for there to be a gap running down the heart of a table.


This walnut dining table in Westford, MA shares a room, and a wood species, with a beautiful walnut sideboard, and they complement each other wonderfully. Each is understated, but features detailing that elevate them beyond the everyday. This tabletop is just slightly thinner than many we build — not enough to introduce any functional concerns, but enough to contribute to an overall effect of lightness. 

It’s that effect of lightness, really, that characterizes the whole table. Light and air flow through the split, and then they flow through custom-built solid walnut bases that we designed to match the thickness of the top exactly. Every detail of the table, from the ties at the split to the radius/angle corners of the bases, exists to serve that original vision, and to bring it to that unity. Our process of custom table design always allows our customers to achieve precisely their vision.