Custom Walnut Dining Table in Lexington

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Lexington

The sort of custom furniture design that we do here at Cannon Hill is ultimately a process of discovery and intermingling. Some furniture designers’ work is clearly intended to look striking in front of all-white photo-studio backdrops — and it does.

Cannon Hill, on the other hand, builds furniture with specific contexts held firmly in mind. We don’t have furniture in stock, and we don’t build from a catalogue, so everything we make is designed specifically for the home and the room where it’s going. In this case, our clients had a sun-filled, airy room painted in bright whites and accented with oak built-ins and a fieldstone fireplace.

A showroom visit helped us determine the goals for their dining table: seating for ten, rich, organic tones, and a crisp silhouette that played well in the room. All valuable insights, but how do they become the walnut dining table in the images on this page?


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The central design imperative is that form follow function. We could build the most beautiful table the world’s ever seen, but if it impedes the flow of a room and our clients bang their hips into its corners and stub their toes on its legs, then they’re going to hate it. Quite rightly. We begin with a size that seats the requisite ten diners, but which doesn’t create too-small clearances to walls or other furniture on any side, in this case 102” x 42”. 

We make the legs on this table, known around the shop as “Connolly legs” for the first clients to order them, by cutting and then gluing together thin strips of wood around a form. The curved legs of this table allow chairs to push in further, and it also grants an understated elegance to a decidedly modern style. It allows, in other words, the table to be what we want it to be while it also looks how we want it to look.

On this custom walnut dining table, our goal was to create a piece that achieved all those functional goals while also neatly matching the aesthetics of the space. Using real solid walnut in furniture allows us to match a huge range of interior design styles. Walnut furniture can be deeply traditional or distinctly modern, because walnut is such a versatile material. The process of designing a custom walnut dining table always takes the broader room into account because, when you’ve got a material that opens so many doors for you, it’s only right to explore them.

This Lexington, Massachusetts home was a beautiful setting in which to place one of our tables, and we’re proud when our clients decide to hire us to build one of the centerpieces of their home and, indeed, their family life. We’re proud to say that we often build tables that go to beautiful homes in Lexington, Concord, Boston proper, the metro area, and far beyond. From Stowe to the South Shore, Nantucket to New York, we’ll build you custom furniture that you’ll appreciate forever.