Custom Walnut Dining Table in Jamaica Plain

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Jamaica Plain

It’s never lost on us how lucky we are to do the sort of work we do. We build tables out of stunning materials, for wonderful clients, in beautiful homes. Projects turn out best when they become a sort of physical meeting place for those three elements. The custom dining table must be an honest expression of the material at hand, manipulated deftly to reflect the people for whom it’s built and the environments in which it’ll stand.

Our clients for this project knew they needed a design that would play well in their newly-built dining room in Jamaica Plain. A sunny space that leans modern with traditional touches, the table would need to be comfortable in that transitional aesthetic. There are a range of metal and glass finishes throughout the room that create an opening for all sorts of wood species and tones. After extensive sampling and an invaluable showroom visit, our clients decided that the warmth, richness, and depth of walnut would provide a warm center of gravity in the heart of a somewhat cooler, more muted field. A custom walnut table has the versatility and the specificity to precisely fit whatever design elements you may have in your home.


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The base design comes from a number of different sources. Our clients brought a handful of inspiration images – photographs of tables old and new, ours and others’, that had this or that quality they liked. We sized the design shown here to allow comfortable seating at all dining positions, so that the base stays away from legs, knees, and feet. The intersecting members echo the coffered ceiling, but in slim, elegant dimensions that create an undeniably modern effect.

The single-side table extension featured on this table is a proprietary Cannon Hill design that, quite simply, outperforms the other solutions out there. This table extension – that never sticks, installs in moments, requires no tools, and provides rock-solid support – allows us to give our clients the flexibility to host intimate meals, large parties, and everything in between all at the same table. We can create extensions up to 30” deep, which allows us to put one large extension on the end of a table rather than two smaller ones or a single section in the middle. Now, the table doesn’t have to move at all to accommodate the extension, it just grows by a full seating on each side right where it is.

We build custom furniture for clients throughout Boston – Jamaica Plain, the Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill – and far beyond. We’ll hand-deliver your furniture anywhere within four hours of Boston, and we ship nationwide. If you’re interested in custom wood furniture, reach out, and we’ll get the ball rolling.