Custom Walnut Dining Table in Dennis

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Dennis

This walnut dining table measures out at ten feet long and fourty-two inches wide, certainly big enough to count as a statement piece. Our client’s Cape Cod home is a spectacular piece of design, full of big spaces, big windows, and bold touches; it is clean and modern, and also warm and inviting. In a house like this one, the furniture needs to be able to stand up to the space it lives in. A big, arresting single-slab piece is the perfect answer. Through our custom furniture design process, we always shoot to allow just the right table for any given room to reveal itself to us.

The bases for this dining table are taken from the same slab as the table top, cut from the section beyond where the table ends. It’s always a nice feeling to use materially efficiently, and getting the four sections used in these legs required careful, exact planning. Of course, that’s what we do best, and attention to that sort of detail is a hallmark of our work.

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The species of wood used here, black walnut, is a consistent favorite for our clients across a huge range of design styles. The natural colors can occasionally range into purples and reds, but the furniture we turn out typically features warm, chocolate-brown tones, that are a perfect fit in these clients’ home. Beloved among woodworkers for its consistency, durability, and beauty, we find that walnut has a mellow aura that homeowners always appreciate. A single-slab like this one is great when it comes to matching the look of the table to the feel of the home because it allows us and our clients to see the grain and coloration patterns from the very beginning of the process.

Unlike a live edge table, in which the edges of the table are the edges of the tree from which it came, we cut this table to a true rectangle. One of the advantages of using a single slab, even in a rectangle like this one, is that we’ll often see more intense figure, those eye-catching patterns inherent to the wood, in slabs than we do in boards. Despite the fact that none of the tree’s shape is evident in this custom wood table, there can be little doubt about what you’re looking at: a large segment of a large tree that’s starting to branch at one end. To my mind, that’s a really cool feature. Just because a live edge dining table doesn’t feel right in your case, or isn’t exactly to your taste, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beauty of nature visibly into your home.