Custom Walnut Dining Table in Concord

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Concord

Every custom dining table is different, and every Cannon Hill table takes its own journey from concept to finished product. One of the great benefits of the way we make furniture – entirely custom, always bespoke and one-off – is that we never, ever make the same table twice. Two walnut dining tables that share major design elements, or even dimensions, will be their own, unique product arrived at by unique processes. Whether in the design or the build phase, each piece always has the capacity to surprise.

The process for the walnut dining table you see here took some turns over the course of the project, but the goal was always consistent: a large, slab table that would seat eight and look purposeful in the room. By starting from that sort of concrete point we and our clients can keep an eye to the essential qualities the table must have. Inevitably, as the various demands on any piece of furniture come into play, there’s a give and take between aesthetic and functional considerations, and between various of those considerations. We have the experience and the expertise to balance all those elements, and the awareness to recognize which of them can’t give. A good custom table is balanced, physically and conceptually.

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The live edge table top in this project is a Claro walnut bookmatched slab. In a bookmatched slab two slices are cut lengthwise from the same felled tree, flipped open just like the pages of a book, and then glued together along one common, straight-cut edge. Because the visible faces were only separated by the thickness of a saw blade in the living tree, the effect is much like a mirror image. Bookmatches are fantastic not just because of the nearly symmetrical visual, but also because they allow us to use slabs that would otherwise be too narrow in dining tables.

Given the considerable width that we knew we wanted in the finished table, a bookmatch was the best way to get there. This dining table is substantial, a statement piece, and this bookmatched slab is a big part of that. We delivered this table to our clients in Concord, MA, a place that’s now home to many of our past projects, along with surrounding towns like Lexington, Lincoln, Concord, and Weston. We proudly offer white glove delivery within four hours of Boston, and ship nationwide. So whether you’re right here in Boston, farther out in New England, or anywhere else in the country, you can get in touch with us to start the process of designing a custom wood table for your home.