Custom Walnut Dining Table in Brookline

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Brookline

When an interior designer reached out to us with the opportunity to build this expansive, custom walnut oval dining table, we knew that it was going to be a special project. Tables like this one highlight the advantages of a table designed, built and delivered the Cannon Hill way. From beginning to end, each moment required the attention to detail and the willingness to think creatively that sets us apart. The table is stunning, and beautifully complements the room and the home it’s in, but the process of bringing it from concept to reality may be the most impressive.

This tabletop is huge: 11 feet long and six-and-a-half feet wide, constructed of three separate black walnut slabs. Selecting slabs of the right size, color, grain, and shape requires careful consideration and real experience – which we’re happy to provide. Designing custom tables should be fun, so we guide our clients in a way that allows for discovery and excitement without wasting time. By coordinating with our distributor, we’re able to ensure that the slabs that show up are just the right ones for a given project, and that they’ll do just the job we want them to.

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The designer also came to us with an idea for using off-the-shelf bases from a third-party company in an unusual way. Often, when we use third-party bases it’s a budgetary consideration – machine-made legs, for example, can quite simply be made more cheaply than ones worked by hand in our shop. In this case, though, it was more about the realization of the designer’s vision, something we’re always happy to do. A faux-leather upholstery wrap transformed the drum bases visually, and some well-planned cuts and aftermarket top plates allowed us to bunch sets of three tightly together. The final effect is one you won’t find anywhere else, a product of collaboration and combined imagination.

Getting this large walnut slab table into the home was itself no mean feat. A table this wide – wider than anyone in our shop is tall – will just sneak through a standard doorway, but how do you carry it? Straps will slip on the curving, ovoid edge, and we’d need many hands to make light work of the several-hundred-pound top. The Cannon Hill difference? A custom-built wooden “sling” that secured the tabletop in place and allowed us to lift it from the middle, raising it only barely off the ground as we passed through doors. 

Whether you’re in Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Boston, or anywhere in New England, we can build you the stunning custom table that may only exist in your mind’s eye – or that maybe doesn’t even exist there yet. Reach out to Cannon Hill with some information, and we’ll get the ball rolling.