Custom Walnut Dining Table in Boston’s South End

Custom Walnut Dining Table in Boston’s South End

We built this custom dining table to have simple, straightforward styling with a contemporary twist. Because the top-quality materials we use are so effective at bringing the natural beauty of real wood furniture into our clients’ homes, modern silhouettes and details can sit right alongside traditional spaces without breaking the overall aesthetic. In fact, one of the great things about working here in Boston’s historic neighborhoods is seeing how people smoothly integrate new design ideas into homes that have stood here in the city for a hundred years and more.

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Our clients needed a new dining table for their South End brownstone that could fit equally well with the classical architectural details that characterize those buildings and with their more contemporary decor. Space, of course, was at a premium, but they also needed the ability to entertain on holidays and for dinner parties. 

Happily, our custom furniture offers solutions for all these concerns. The rich chocolate tones of the milled walnut that we hand-selected for this project were right at home in the warm light of their dining room, and echoed the tones in the existing millwork. By using milled boards, we were able to incorporate different grain patterns in different pieces of the table to bring the visual interest to a new level.

Here in the shop we really enjoy working on this style of table because it manages to be simple and intricate at the same time. It’s all straight lines, but they join up in considered, carefully designed ways. An angular table like this is a great way to put a more modern design language to work in your home, and our wide selection of wood species and finishes allow you to select exactly the feel of the final product. That’s what makes a custom wood table so effective – we put exactly your needs and preferences into the finished piece.

This table measures out at a little more than six feet long, but it features a Cannon Hill specialty: two two-foot-long extension sections. We use a proprietary extension system to offer our clients the rock-solid extensions that fit their needs. Our system is as strong as can be, but it’s tucked entirely out of view, is completely removable, and installs in mere moments with no tools at all.

Our goal is always to build furniture that serves clients’ needs — their needs for beauty, functionality, and quality. The homeowners on this project turned around and immediately started another project with us, on a kitchen table. And that’s the best testament to our work we can get. Whether you’re in Boston’s South End, the suburbs, down the Cape, in farther New England, or beyond, we’ll build the perfect custom furniture for your home.