Custom Reclaimed Oak Dining Table in Hopkinton

Custom Reclaimed Oak Dining Table in Hopkinton

Sometimes, custom table design is all about thinking through how a table will look and operate within a room. It may feel foreign to think about a table doing much of anything – it just sits there, right? – but of course it does. Put anything that big in a room, and the way people move through a room changes, of course; make that object slightly bigger or smaller and things change again. Similarly, how a table looks affects how the whole room looks, and how the various components, finishes, and colors interact with the space as a whole. 

When we set out to make this custom reclaimed farm table and benches, we were extremely cognizant of the way it would affect the flow of traffic. This is a spacious room, so a table that was too big would disrupt the natural rhythms of family life and one that was too small would create dead zones, and feel out of proportion with the space. Happily, these sorts of considerations are the foundation of any table we build, so they’re present in our conversations from the very start.

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The reclaimed wood we used to build this table top was specially selected to fit with the overall aesthetic of the home. Between the wide-plank floors and the exposed wood posts and beam, there’s a clear tone set of design elements that are, if not rustic, exactly, evocative of the farmhouses that once defined New England. Of course, everything has been dialed in precisely – elevating that design language and sophisticating it, cleaning it up and modernizing it. That’s exactly what we aim for when we make reclaimed wood tables: to elevate them and make them more refined than another builder might. After all, it’s easy to tip from homey to sloppy.

The painted wood trestle base is a fantastic example of just this intention. The design is a textbook farm style, equal parts form and function, derived from the long tradition of tablemaking. In our elevation of the style, the crisp, clean grey gives it a modern twist, bringing it more in line with the rest of the home’s furniture, finishes, and hardware. Everything works well together, because everything’s been thought through. A custom wood table should be thought through this thoroughly, because giving things that sort of consideration is exactly the reason to buy custom. It gives us and our clients the opportunity to create furniture that actually belongs in a room, and looks it.