Custom Reclaimed Dining Table in Harwichport

Custom Reclaimed Dining Table in Harwichport

We make a wide variety of custom dining tables here at Cannon Hill, and getting to a design that fits our clients’ lives and their homes is central to the process. This piece is what’s known as a reclaimed dining table, because the material has been salvaged from demolition sites and given new life in our clients’ home. This particular table was something of a balancing act, because reclaimed material often has a rougher, more rustic look, which obviously wouldn’t have been appropriate in this sunny, airy home.

This table needed to nail a few points: fit the decor, seat the clients’ family and friends at larger gatherings, and allow for relatively deep chair tucking. Happily, our design and build process allows us to start from those points and let the table that satisfies them essentially reveal itself to us. A custom dining table is more of a process than a product, and we bring our experience and expertise to bear throughout.


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By using a medium-dark stain and stacked pedestal bases on this table, we were able to lend it a more refined, elegant air than you might find in other reclaimed tables. In everything we build, we’re shooting for sophistication, a quality that eludes most of the reclaimed dining tables available commercially. The stacked bases are a very traditional style, handmade in our workshop by painstakingly building layer on top of layer from the ground up.

Those bases are especially good for chair tucking because although they look and are substantial, they’re designed for minimum interference with chair seats. In combination with the stain, the overall effect here is one of class and age; it’s easy to imagine that this table has been in the table for generations, and it has a certain vintage European feel. We certainly expect that, like everything we make, this table will become a family heirloom, and that it will have a place in our clients lives for years and years – generations – to come.

The extensions on this dining table are done in our proprietary technique, using hardware and methods invented, developed, and installed exclusively by us. Unlike other extension systems which stick and bind, and often feel flimsy and unreliable, Cannon Hill’s are rock solid and incredibly easy to use. We’re perfectly comfortable extending a table up to 30 inches on each end, with hardware that fully removes and goes on in seconds with no tools at all.

Delivery day is always a good feeling and we were excited to get this beauty to our clients’ home in Harwichport. We offer white glove delivery to locations within four hours of our workshop including Harwichport and all of Cape Cod, and we ship beyond that, to locations like Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, and beyond. Everything we do gets the same attention to detail, designing, building, delivering, and shipping. After all, a custom wood table deserves everything we can give it.