Custom Oak Dining Table in Cambridge

Custom Oak Dining Table in Cambridge

We build a wide variety of custom table bases here at Cannon Hill in all sorts of designs and from all sorts of materials. This “genre” of single base is one of our favorites and one that’s sure to be an eye-catcher. Whereas some bases are meant to invoke heft and substance, these suggest elegance, refinement, and a sort of almost origamic airiness. A product of extensive testing and design evolution, these bases never fail to impress. The tapers and angles found throughout enhance the sense that light is flowing around and through the base.

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This dining table is built in white oak and finished with oil – a combination with a long, proud history in furniture making here in New England and beyond. Oak’s light colorations and straight, identifiable grain are familiar, but we urge our clients not to dismiss this venerable species. After all, it’s become a standard for good reason. We use the highest quality materials available for our custom tables, which means that the furniture will last — and remain beautiful — for a long, long time.

Aside from all the physical characteristics of the furniture white oak builds – hardness, durability, stability – are the aesthetic considerations. With more natural finishes like the one we used here, oak suggests a warmth and reliability that feel at home in more classically-styled spaces. In spaces with more contemporary design, cooler tones in washed-out grays and whites often look best, and the consistent grain of white oak takes these tints extraordinarily well. No matter where the piece winds up, we will work with you to find the best finish for every situation.

An oil finish is an excellent choice for any project that will receive a standard amount of wear and tear. We’ve found our preferred product, Rubio Monocoat 2C, to be extraordinarily resistant to spills and water rings so long as they’re attended to reasonably. Perhaps just as importantly, it allows for extremely easy touch-up if and when a client decides it’s time. A well-used, well-loved table is bound to take on character that reflects the home it inhabits over the years; what Rubio allows us to do is touch up and refinish tables in-place with a minimum of fuss.