Custom Elm Dining Table In Manchester by the Sea

Custom Elm Dining Table In Manchester by the Sea

As much fun as it is to work with someone new and to get to know their particular goals and desires, we really value our repeat clients. Here at Cannon Hill we like to say that we don’t just sell a product, we offer a process, and when clients return to us and our process we see that as a validation of the way we do things. We were accordingly thrilled when an interior designer we’d worked with a few times before got in touch to say that she was working on a home on Boston’s North Shore, and was looking for a big, custom live-edge table. We didn’t quite know at that point what a special project this would turn into, but it’s one we’re very proud of.

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The live edge wood slab for this table is English elm, a species that’s making its way into more and more of our tables all the time. We and our clients love the ruddy brown tones, but it’s the distinctive grain patterns, characterized by swirling and figure that we might expect on species like Claro walnut. The elm slabs allow our clients to get those striking grain patterns on furniture that might fit better in their homes, given that they’re much lighter in hue than their walnut counterparts.

This dining table features what’s known as a “book matched” slab, a process by which two slices are cut lengthwise from the same felled tree, flipped open just like the pages of a book, and then glued together along one common, straight-cut edge. Because the visible faces were only separated by the thickness of a saw blade in the living tree, the effect is much like a mirror image. Book matches are fantastic not just because of the nearly symmetrical visual it produces, but also because it allows us to use slabs that would otherwise be too narrow in dining tables. As always, we love to maximize the utility of the material available to us, and this is a great way to do that.

The bases here are handmade by a friend of ours in Canada, and come in a range of finishes that can be matched to just about any style of interior design. We have tons of options for bases including hand-made wood ones from our workshop, custom designed and welded steel ones, and third party ones made by others. The whole process of making a custom dining table is about dialing in every element to fit the project and the room in question. When we make a table, things like chair tucking are always on our mind, and we design our wood tables to ensure they fit our clients’ lives and homes beautifully.